2022 FIFA World Cup To Feature Recyclable Seats

Qatari company Coastal will produce 100% recyclable seats for the 2022 World Cup.

Doha-based Coastal Qatar, will manufacture seats for three 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar stadiums. CEO Nishad Azeem moved the company from Cochin in South India to the Middle East in the 70s and are now producing 500 seats a day and 15,000 a month.

The stadiums that will feature the environmentally-friendly seats are Al Wakrah, Al Bayt and Al Rayyan. “You can say that the seats manufactured for the 2022 stadiums are 95% Middle Eastern and 5% Indian,” Azeem, told Goal.com. “Actually India deserves more than 5%!”

Azeem takes immense pride in the business built, particularly in the region, and is clearly delighted to be playing a part in what promises to be an enormous and memorable spectacle.

“The seat is 100% recyclable, and the fact that we have sourced most raw materials locally – aluminum from Qatar, polypropylene from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and steel from Oman – reduces the carbon footprint,” he said. “All the raw materials are recyclable and this fits in well with the sustainability goals of the SC for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“I want the world to say in 2022 that Qatar made the best stadiums seats they have ever seen,” he said. “Secondly, our objective is to be a reputed exporter of seats from Qatar and doing so to my country of birth would be a matter of pride. Currently, we have distribution rights in the MENA region and it is a no-brainer where I want to take my seats next.”

Azeem gained a Bachelors’ degree in engineering in India in 1992, the year in which he took up his first job in Kuwait. He attributes to the country of his birth some traits he picked up from his father, which helped him grow professionally. “I am a tireless worker like my father and not averse to taking risks. One could say I inherited the Indian professional ethos from him.”


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