Things You Didn’t Know About Group B’s Coaches


For the second installment of The Panenka’s dirt digging experiment on the coaches of  Euro 2016, we bring you Group B which contains a former-PE teacher, someone who fell out a tree trying to rescue a cat and someone who took a 7-month ban on the chin after a touchline punch up.


Roy Hodgson, England – In the 1970s, Hodgson was a PE teacher at Alleyn’s School in South London as before embarking on the coaching career that got him where he is today. During interviews over his England tenure the England boss has made unsuccessful attempts to make himself a more interesting. So far he has revealed he plays the harmonica and also collects watches, you know the sort of revelations that really inspire a media buzz about someone. He also once compared his career to Russian artist Kandinsky; “I’ve always gone sideways, backwards and upwards again,” he said.


Leonid Slutski, Russia – The Russian famously ended his professional career when he fell out of a tree aged 19 while attempting to rescue a neighbor’s cat. The paw guy had to retire. Slutski, also coach of CSKA Moscow, is currently working for the national team on a completely voluntary basis and is not receiving a single Rouble for his work, although there will undoubtedly be some sort of bonus package involved for qualification and performance at the tournament.


Jan Kozak, Slovakia – The Slovak boss made the headlines in July 2009 when in charge of Slovakian side Kosice, he attacked and injured a rival team’s coach during a game. The incident cost him a seven-month ban and his job. He represented Czechoslovakia 55 times, scoring nine goals, appearing at Euro 1980 and World Cup 1982.


Chris Coleman, Wales – As a 16-year-old the Wales coach was signed to Manchester city but later returned to Swansea citing homesickness as major reason. He is married to TV presenter Charlotte Jackson. During his famously disastrous spell with Real Sociedad the former Fulham boss appeared 90 minutes late to a press conference telling journalists the reason for his tardiness was because his washing machine flooded his flat. The excuse did not wash however, as it later emerged that Coleman had been out until 5am partying the night before.

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